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 Our Client Reviews 

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Quickly Resolved a Complicated Issue

Posted by Sue , November 21, 2016

I was very pleased and impressed with Chris Nelson's ability to skillfully handle a legal situation I found myself in where I was being subpoenaed as a witness in a court proceeding which could potentially have jeopardized my occupation. He efficiently and professionally addressed the issue, keeping me informed of the progress, and before I knew it, he had the whole matter resolved. I would highly recommend him and would most definitely hire him in the future.


Corporate Counsel

Posted by Juan, November 11, 2016

I am the managing member of an LLC that owns commercial and residential property throughout the State of Florida including our largest asset a 150+ unit apartment complex in North Florida. Mr. Nelson has worked for us since 2012, providing excellent service and legal advice to our group on a number of different matters including but not limited to: acquisition and disposition of real property; general corporate legal matters; immigration matters for our employees; and landlord/tenant issues. I highly trust Mr. Nelson's advice and recommend him.

Great experience with immigration paperwork

Posted by Maricela, November 11, 2016

My husband and I used Mrs. Febles to guide us with and file my immigration Paperwork. My husband is a US citizen and she helped him file his petition for me as his wife and helped me with my adjustment application and work authorization. It was a lot of paperwork and information required but she made the whole experience for my husband and I painless. She was extremely easy to deal with. I would recommend her to anyone needing asstance with their immigration paperwork.

Best decision .... EVER
Posted by Valanda Chapman, August 31, 2016

Okay, so I had a looming petition for relocation case that I filed and had planned to handle myself. I figure I could handle this, I am pretty smart. My ex husband objected to the possibility of me relocating and it was as the days dragged closer to the hearing getting pretty ugly. It was then that I realized I need a lawyer. After I fired myself and gave the "it's not you its me speech", I used google in my hunt for a lawyer. I already had two strikes against me. One - I waited to late and two - I had no idea how to go about finding a good, reputable attorney. I found Mr. Nelson's profile and practice information. He seemed pretty solid and handled family law. I reached out to him and within 24 hours received a phone call. I explained my situation, what I had already accomplished and what my fears were. Mr. Nelson listened intently, provided his recommendation and his availability if I was still interested in procuring his services. Hence the title.... Best decision ever! He handled the case with professionalism, understanding and compassion. Mr Nelson exhibited and provided the competent legal expertise that I sorely needed. Even when we were presented with a change in plan he was able to re-direct and keep the momentum. In addition his availability was a huge plus. As a result of Mr. Nelson's hard work and expertise I was granted relocation with my minor children. Very pleased with my decision to hire Mr. Nelson and of course with the outcome of my case. Would definitely recommend him and hire him again.

Our HOA association attorney

Posted by Gail Hargis/ president TASCHOA , August 17, 2016

Mr. Nelson has represented our HOA since 2012, he has handled all of our legal issues quickly, professionally and is very detailed in every thing that he does. We are very happy with his results on every issue he has handled. We would most definitely highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.

A good experience

Posted by Kara , July 19, 2016

I had never worked with a lawyer before, but working with Mr. Nelson on my fiance's and my prenuptial agreement was very streamlined, especially since we needed a very quick turnaround time. He was flexible and easy to work with, and I appreciated his expertise. He also has wonderful staff who helped us complete the process.

Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Posted by Lori , January 31, 2015

Mr. Nelson is extremely professional. He worked diligently on my divorce case and took the time to explain with out hesitation the process of my case. Getting divorced is extremely difficult but having a lawyer that you can trust makes the process bare able. His knowledge, experience and attention to detail was apparent to me as the client, as well as the court. I highly recommend Mr. Nelson to others not just because of his knowledge of the law but more so because of his character. You won't be disappointed !!!!!!

Very happy

Posted by Joshua ,January 30, 2015

Mr. Nelson is a man that delivers what he promises and never tries to blow smoke. He kept me upto date, and was very accommodating. His knowledge and reliability are the two main reasons I would recommend him for anyone. As a military member I was impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. Thank you Mr Nelson


Attorney Review - Christopher Stephen Nelson

Posted by Dennis, a Debt Agreements client.
My wife and I hired Christopher Nelson back in 2007 to represent us in a foreclosure/short sale case. 

Our case proved to be a difficult one because it was part of the foreclosure fiasco that went on during those years and the laws were being changed on a daily basis. At one point in our case there were multiple law suits and not having too much knowledge of our legal system we were quickly overwhelmed. Mr Nelson quickly calmed our fears, he took his time to advise us of our options and kept us informed during every step of the process. After 3 long years of going back and forth on the issue Mr Nelson got everything resolved. Lawsuits were settled and we were able to short sale our property and most importantly satisfy all future liabilities. For his work I commend Mr. Nelson and his firm for taking care of us at such a trying time. Having Christopher as our attorney made us feel as if we had a friend working for us as our lawyer. I strongly recommend Mr Nelson to anyone needing a representative in such matters and will keep him as number one call in the future regarding legal matters. His experience in law is amazing and his ability to research and find the answers his clients need in unmatched. I understand that sometimes we all make decisions without thinking them through but hiring Mr. Nelson, I can assure you was the best decision we could have made.

Excellent Representation For Our Real Estate Purchase

Posted by Kelly, a Real Estate client.

I recently hired Christopher to represent me in a real estate transaction in the Florida Keys. His expertise helped guide my husband and I toward a successful closing despite several legal challenges that came our way. He was extremely patient and always responsive to our questions. Christopher exceeded my expectations as a real estate attorney and it is with great pleasure that I endorse him.

Highly Recommended Attorney

Posted by Elizabeth, a Contracts client.  

The legal advice I received from Christopher was very helpful in resolving a conflict I had with my previous landlord. He was efficient and very professional in all communication with both me and the other party. So much so that even the other party contacted him afterwards to hire him for help with legal services! I would definitely use Christopher's services again and would recommend him to others.

Made it easy, fast and the outcome I was looking for.

Posted by William. 

I contacted his law firm after a previous lawyer could not resolve the issue. After speaking with him he made me comfortable and confident his law firm could handle my legal issues. He was professional, knowledgeable, and always kept me informed of my situation. He was able to resolve my issue with a positive outcome. My family and I are grateful for his excellent service. I would recommend him to anyone having legal issues. Thank you for going the extra mile!!!

Our Experience in dealing with Chris Nelson.

Posted by Aubrey, a Child Custody client. 
Mr. Nelson helped my husband and I in a joint custody battle for the last year and a half. Needless to say, the case has been difficult due to non-compliance on some of the requests. We have NEVER met a person so willing to go out of their way to accomodate schedules and needs, such as Mr. Nelson. It is often that you find attorneys that are motivated by money, but that is not the case with Chris! If we could use Chris for every legal aspect of our lives, trust me we would. We were able to build a relationship with Chris, not only as an attorney, but as an individual. Hats off to you Chris, and if I ever know someone needing assistance in your jurisdiction, you will be the first person I advise them to contact.

Put my mind at rest...

Posted by a Criminal Defense client. 

I had a situation that I thought might result in criminal charges so I called Mr. Nelson. He took plenty of time to hear my situation and when I was finished he assured me that I almost certainly had nothing to worry about. He was caring and knowledgable and even though I offered payment did not charge for the call. In the hopefully unlikely situation that I need a lawyer again I will call him first.


Anonymous review posted on August 7, 2008

I was impress by Miss. Febles skills as an attorney. She was trustworthy and responsible. My calls were always returned on time. I have the highest regard for this attorney. I highly recommend her services and I will keep her as my lawyer.

Every PHYSICIAN should read this.

Posted by Kyle, a Contracts client. 

This is a long over due review for my lawyer, Mr. Nelson, who has represented me in every single contract negotiation and review for quite some time. I am a surgeon in active private medical practice for the last several years. I started my own practice right after leaving academic medicine. Like other doctors, I would hire a random lawyer for contract review but realize after a year or so that I could have gotten a lot more from the hospital. As a physician, I am constantly renegotiating my contracts with hospitals, health insurance companies, or other physician groups. Whether it's for increasing my surgical on-call fees, increasing my reimbursements from the private third party payers, or renegotiating the terms of my hospital contract to my favor, Mr. Nelson managed to achieve not just a nice improvement but a DRASTIC increase in my income. In terms of surgical on-call service, payment was increased by 30% per day. As for private health insurers, my average multiple over Medicare was renegotiated to almost double over their stated multiple over Medicare reimbursements. At one point, I just felt bad for the people at the other side of the table, but then I realized that they are using lawyers too and given the amount of time and effort I have placed into my patients and surgical practice, I DESERVE to be as aggressive as possible with increasing my revenue. It's just part of the medical business. I use the term "DRASTIC" because prior to Mr. Nelson, I either negotiated myself (which I had no time to prepare for) or hired a mediocre lawyer, which usually resulted in little to no increase in contract rates or sometimes less revenue (I had to work more for the same amount of income which I know many physicians are all too familiar with). I have hired many lawyers before to help with the contract side of the medical business. All too often, my representative would tell me to just settle for the proposed rates by the hospital or insurance companies. For those that have been in private practice for years, I'm sure you are familiar with that tone. Luckily for me, Mr. Nelson had a different change of tone, so much so, I felt that we were asking for too much. But guess what, I absolutely underestimated how much money hospitals or insurance companies have allocated for my services! My only regret....not hiring Mr. Nelson earlier. I have never hired a high end lawyer before Mr. Nelson. But let me tell you, physician to physician, hiring a high end lawyer to review your newly proposed contract or to represent you in contract negotiations is worth every dollar and having Mr. Nelson represent me was probably of on the best decisions in my career. This is a definite MUST for new residency graduates who are new to the healthcare environment. I highly advise against thinking that money is not important or negotiating may give you a bad image. Although hospitals may tell you that money is limited secondary to the Affordable Care Act (aka "Obamacare"), they have allocated a significant amount of money for your services and will try to get your services at the cheapest rate possible (remember, their savings end up as bonuses for their CEOs). They also expect you to NEGOTIATE. As a physician, you are most likely careful and methodical with treating your patients and would never treat someone outside your scope of practice. Your contracts should be treated the SAME way. I consulted Mr. Nelson a long time ago, and it paid off in dividends.


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